Force measurement technology made in Germany

[[HKM]] mechanical engineering solutions HKM for [[medical engineering]] HKM in [[automotive]] testing technology [[HKM]] logistics solutions

HKM mechanical engineering solutions

As one of the most varied industrial fields with numerous specialised areas,
the mechanical engineering sector is predestined for the development of the
individual force measurement solutions which we can provide.

Mechanical engineering

HKM for medical engineering

Absolute precision, the highest level of quality and maximum reliability
are the basic prerequisites when it comes to using measurement systems
in medical engineering.

Medical Engineering

HKM in automotive testing technology

Supplying our customers with measurement systems, we have been a
reliable partner in the area of automotive testing technology, ever since
HKM-Messtechnik was established in 1988.

Automotive testing technology

HKM logistics solutions

Whether on land, water or in the air: logistics keep things moving. And
whether weighing of vehicles or measurement of loads is involved, we
are at hand with our complete arsenal of measurement systems.



    Force and torque sensors, force measurement systems and scales. Developed individually and produced exclusively by us. Tailored solutions to meet your force measurement requirements.


    Our force measurement products are developed and produced exclusively in Germany.


    Certification mark ISO9001

    HKM-Messtechnik uses a quality management system that conforms to the latest DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.


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