Force measurement technology made in Germany

Construction and construction machinery

Construction and construction machinery

Temperature fluctuations, damp, unusual loads, lengthy operating times: there are no half measures in the construction sector. Measurement systems need to withstand a lot and still function with precision and reliability. A clear case for HKM-Messtechnik products. In the construction sector, our main focus is on overload protection of cranes and cable winches and the stability of cranes, silos and portable construction machinery.

Typical use: measurements in the power flow

Our load pins are used for overload protection of cranes. They fulfil the function of a normal clevis pin and simultaneously measure the resulting tensile and compressive forces. The load pins are designed for high to very high loads.

load pin MB


Typical use: measurements in the force shunt

Our strain transducers are the correct choice for extremely high forces where measurement is not possible in the power flow.

strain transducer DE