Force measurement technology made in Germany

Automotive testing technology

Automotive testing technology

Ever since HKM-Messtechnik was established in 1988, we have been a reliable partner in the area of automotive testing technology, supplying our customers with measurement systems. They value our decades of experience and the know-how derived from this. Traditionally, we are
active in suspension and brake testing of motor vehicles. This includes weighing technology. Our wheel load scales are used by automotive manufacturers, testing and inspection organisations and in motor racing.


Typical uses

We have developed numerous measurement systems for use in automotive testing technology. Our wheel load scales are used in applications such as weighing vehicles of every type. In addition to the overall weight, wheel and axle loads are also measured. We employ our pedal force meters for measuring forces acting on the brake pedals and brake levers of vehicles.
We supply transducers for pneumatic pressure specially developed for measuring brake pressure in trucks. Closing forces which occur on automatically powered car windows are determined with our closing force meters.

wheel load scales

pedal force meter

transducer for pneumatic pressure

closing force meter