Force measurement technology made in Germany



Whether on land, water or in the air: logistics keep things moving. And whether weighing of vehicles or measurement of loads is involved, we are at hand with our complete arsenal of measurement systems.

The safety of people and the environment is paramount wherever heavy loads are moved. Container cranes, rotary tower cranes, straddle carriers, heavy-duty and forklift trucks are continuously subject to high loads.
Their stability must be ensured at all times, and transport loads should be secure and reliably weighed. Our force transducers have what it takes in this respect. Our weighing systems help protect vehicles and machinery for the conveying of goods against overloading and excessive stress. Portable scales are used to determine weights suspended and moved on cranes. Tensions in traction cables or crossbeams can also be measured and monitored with our force measurement systems. This safety data is decisive when it comes to identifying overloading and leads to the necessary safety shutdown of lifting procedures.


Typical use: lifting devices

Our transducers for load monitoring and control of lifting equipment are used on vacuum lifting devices employed for the transportation of delicate solar and photovoltaic modules.

force transducers


Load pins are used to weigh suspended loads and provide overload protection on compact lifting devices employed for simple and precision load handling.

load pin