Force measurement technology made in Germany

Force gauges and portable scales

Force gauges and portable scales

We are equipped to tackle practically every task in the area of force gauges and portable scales. We have developed a broad standard product range for the exact determination of forces and loads and, simultaneously, we also develop individual force gauges and scales for the most varied of applications. Our systems consist of one or more force sensors, diverse signal conditioning variants and a variety of displays. Naturally enough, the evaluation, logging and storage of measurement data is also possible.


Wheel load scales

Our wheel load scales are the ideal measuring instrument for portable and extremely accurate wheel, axle or vehicle weighing ranging from two-wheelers and cars to heavy-duty vehicles. Our product range also encompasses wheel load scales for verification applications. Areas of use are extremely varied. In addition to vehicle weighing alone, centres of gravity and load distributions can be determined with weighing data. Wheel load scales are used in automotive production, motor racing, vehicle modification or export control.

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Aircraft scales

From gliders and ultralights to executive and large commercial aircraft: our portable aircraft scales are to be found everywhere. A combination of several scales is also possible in this respect. The scales are utilised in clubs, aviation engineering companies or by manufacturers of aircraft.

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Hanging scales

Our portable scales are used to weigh tension loads (particularly suspended loads) ranging from a few kg to 10 t. The battery-powered systems are easy to operate and are employed in the most varied industrial areas.

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Universal force gauges

We design and produce universal force gauges for the most varied applications, including medical engineering and industrial production, and in agriculture or the monitoring of plant, cable or chain tensions, contact pressures, etc. Force sensors are combined with portable hand or large displays in this context. The type of signal output, data transfer and maximum data logging is selected to suit customer requirements.

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Closing force meters

Closing forces which occur during closing of automatically powered car windows are measured with our closing force meters. The correct safety shutdown of the windows is also inspected in this context. This system is used by workshops, testing and inspecting organisations and automotive manufacturers.

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Pedal force meters

Our portable pedal force meters are specially designed for determining brake pedal forces on two-wheelers, cars or trucks. The maximum force is measured and checked in each case in this respect. Workshops, testing and inspecting organisations and automotive manufacturers use this system.

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