Force measurement technology made in Germany



HKM-Messtechnik provides a variety of transducers as standard components for recording and measuring forces and torques and determining weights. But standard only applies to availability, as all our products are, it goes without saying, in-house developments and can be adapted to meet individual requirements.
All sensors are based on the measurement principle of strain gauges.

Force transducers and load cells

We have a diverse selection of force transducers and load cells in the load ranges N to kN, kg to t or in lb for the measurement of forces and weights. The components are integrated directly in the power flow to be measured and can be supplied with analog or digital output levels.

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Strain transducers

Strain transducers are ideal for the measurement of extremely high loads and deformations. In contrast to force transducers which measure in the power flow, strain transducers work in the force shunt. They are fitted parallel to the power flow and measure even immense forces through the finest strains recorded on the transducer. Our strain transducers operate in the measuring range up to 750 με. They are available with analog or digital output levels.

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Torque transducers

HKM-Messtechnik produces torque transducers for measuring static, non-rotating reaction torques in the Nm range. Torque transducers are available with analog or digital output levels.

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Pneumatic pressure transducers

Our pneumatic pressure transducers are employed for measuring static and dynamic relative pressures in the psi and bar unit spectrum. These products, which are also available with wireless radio data transmission, are especially popular in automotive testing technology (e.g. brake pressure measurement in trucks).

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